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About the Artist

Judy Pelikan has illustrated twenty-nine books.  She received the New York Times Best Illustrator award for her book Grandmother Remembers,  with over two million copies in print, and has twice received awards from the Society of Illustrators in New York.

For The Music of Wild Birds, Pelikan edited and illustrated F. Schuyler Mathews’ fascinating essays and musical transcriptions of bird calls.  Long meandering walks on country roads and in the woods during Pelikan’s fourteen-year sojourn in the White Mountains of New Hampshire inspired both the drawings of Wild Birds and much of the recent work featured in Judy Pelikan’s new website.

For All Around the Block (David Godine publisher) Pelikan not only illustrated the objects chosen for each letter of the alphabet, but designed the font for the alphabet itself.

Books Make Me Happy  (Peter Workman publisher) is a reading journal for beginning readers, using the line drawings submitted by children for a bookmark competition hosted by a bookstore in Littleton, New Hampshire.  Pelikan recreated the drawings in embroidery, and used them to create an entire line of products designed to encourage children to read.  A ‘reading group’ is made up of the animals and children featured in the book, all with their own book bags containing miniature books.

List of Published Works

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